Saturday, November 25th, 2017

The full Nelson vs. the Nischke hammer


I took the time out from screaming like crazy at some kids to get off my lawn to write a column this week for the Waukesha Freeman. Seems like I do this every week now, and every Thursday they print it. Maybe some of you should spend the extra fifty cents and pick up a copy.

This week I scare the hell out of the Republicans in the City of Waukesha. They’re a large herd of pachyderms, but they need to stampede to the polls Tuesday if they are going to stave off the biggest upset since Andre the Giant beat Hulk Hogan in 1988.

State Representative Ann Nischke (R) is facing City of Waukesha Alderman Larry Nelson (D) in the April 4th Election for Mayor. (Proving we live in a small world full of coincidences, Ann Nischke continued her door-to-door campaign today by knocking on my door and dropping off a yard sign.)

Nelson may not look it, but he’s been running a campaign like a lean mean campaigning machine. Nischke’s campaign, on the other hand, had better hope that hard work, a stiff opposition to taxes, direct mail, phones, knocking on doors and the general trend towards the GOP in Waukesha propel her to victory.

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