Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The job of mayor is so important, some people actually vote in mayoral elections


Some people for mayor, others just run for mayor. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Laurel Walker revealed today that four years ago Jeff Scrima couldn’t even be bothered to vote in the Waukesha mayoral election.

“I wish more people would turn out for all elections,” said Jeff Scrima, who’s challenging incumbent Larry Nelson in a hotly contested race for Waukesha mayor.

Good advice, though Scrima has missed voting in more elections than he’s made over the past decade, according to the state’s Voter Public Access database.

Notably among the missing are the 2006 spring primary and general elections when Waukesha last elected its mayor and Nelson won.

According to the records, Scrima voted in nine elections since 2000 – the last three fall presidential elections, the 2008 spring presidential primary, the last gubernatorial election, the 2005 special county executive election and the nonpartisan general spring elections in 2001 and 2004. He also voted – presumably for himself – in the spring mayoral primary.

I guess Scrima won’t be saying he likes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s coverage better anymore. Walker does not report if he hung up on her, too.

(Just imagine the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s coverage of the race if they actually assigned a reporter to cover Waukesha. They might have even found time to cover the aldermanic races.)

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