Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The rich are different than Dan Bice


Kevin Binversie picks apart Dan Bice‘s latest complaint about how well some people live compared to him. Kevin offers a little bit of perspective:

Want a good comparison? Think about what you paid for your apartment or house (or it’s current value) in Wisconsin and triple it if want the same accommodations, double it if you want to find something affordable. For personal connections to this, I have a friend from high school who lived in a “fixer-upper” in Alexandria, VA. Was told by him that he and his wife paid $300K for the place and still had to rent out the basement for an apartment. He now lives in Poland (wife’s native country) doing international public policy work.

As for me, I like to gloat to my DC friends now about how much I’m paying for my Milwaukee-area apartment. It’s easily two to two and half times less what they are paying a month to have a roof over their heads.

Anything less than owning your own place for the multiple-year DC resident is a poor investment for a married couple. Knowing Ron and Jane as I do, chances are they found this out when Jane thoroughly began investigating the DC market after last November’s win. A realtor, along with countless others, probably told her that it would be smarter to own.

I would just add that if Dan Bice peeks through enough key holes and windows, someday the National Enquirer might pay him enough to get a nice house, too.

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