Saturday, November 25th, 2017

The Simpsons join the NCAA


Paul Noonan at The Electric Commentary has found a site linking your favorite Simpsons stars with college football programs.

So for my friend Lorri:
Ohio State: Drederick Tatum
Thugs. They may wear nice outfits, but they’re still thugs.

Texas: Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby
Powerful, attention-getting, glamorous, yet always in danger of being brought low by its unshakeable vices — e.g. money, poontang, losing to Oklahoma.

For the Catholic Church:
Notre Dame: Montgomery Burns
Been around since the beginning of time; the amount of money and power he controls is massive, absurd, and quite frankly, a little scary. The kind of guy everyone in town loves to hate — but they’d switch places with him in half a second.

And finally closer to home:
Wisconsin: Barney Gumble
Stout, hard-drinking, the life of every party — yet even when things are going well, they’re never very far from total collapse. (Also one of those great-minds-think-alike situations.)

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