Saturday, November 25th, 2017

There is no discount on your liquor, only ours


Of some interest locally, as well as of some interest on the comings and goings in politics. When they’re not busy fighting over ballots in recounts, Maistelman and Associates handle all sorts of interesting cases. Today they won a victory in the battle of the discount liquor business. From a press release issued by the lawfirm,

The owner of Wisconsin’s “Discount Liquor” stores declared victory again today as the Milwaukee County Circuit Court ordered a third Milwaukee-area liquor store to change itsname. Vliet Discount Liquor is no longer allowed to use the words “Discount Liquor” in its name. 

In the lawsuit, Discount Liquor, with locations at 5031 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee, and 919 Barstow Street, Waukesha, contended that Vliet Discount Liquor infringed upon Discount Liquor’s trade name and registered Wisconsin trademark.

“Litigation was truly our last resort in this case. However, we could not stand by and allow customers to continue to be confused about whether our business was in any way connected to these other ‘Discount Liquor’ stores,” said Frank Greguska, an officer of Discount Liquor.

“We could not risk any damage to our business’s excellent reputation that may have been done by the operator of an unrelated store with a confusingly similar name.”

As part of the court order, Vliet Discount Liquor must immediately remove the words “Discount Liquor” from its business name and it further agreed that it would abandon any pending or current trademark applications it was seeking.

No word if Vliet Discount Liquor will change its name to Vliet Cheap Booze.

By the way, Discount Liquor sells Harp Lager by the half barrel, in case anyone wants to know what to buy me for Father’s Day.

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