Friday, November 24th, 2017

They didn’t call it the Big Bay Boom for nothing


Residents of Oak Creek and Waukesha may have been disappointed with the brevity of the fireworks in their communities, cut short by grass fires. Could have been worse. They could have been in San Diego:

One of the nation’s biggest July 4th firework displays turned into a 15-second bust after a “premature ignition” caused pyrotechnics spread across five barges in the San Diego Bay to go off all at once.

Thousands of onlookers had spent their July 4th camped out along San Diego’s beaches and parks Wednesday to catch a glimpse of the city’s 12th annual Big Bay Boom fireworks display, billed by organizers this year as being “bigger and more intense than in past years.”

The big show was expected to start at 9 p.m. and last 18 minutes but at 8:55 p.m., onlookers heard an explosion of booms and looked up to see what appeared to be a fire in the sky, but was actually the fireworks, just not in the breathtaking, coordinated display that organizers had spent months planning.

After 15 seconds the music continued, but the light show ended.

Here’s the entire display:
(Thanks Owen)

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the explosions.

I understand that they were allowed to have fireworks take the shape of incandescent bulbs this year, but California is requiring San Diego to make the fireworks look like compact fluorescent lights next year.

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