Sunday, August 18th, 2019

They get crazier by the day


Now left-wing blogger Zach Wisniewski is upset because Scott Walker used the word, “hijack,” on September 11.  It’s probably a good thing Walker didn’t “tweet” anything about campaign “fliers.”  Wisniewski would have had a stroke.

Wisniewski should really restrain himself from trying to post anything original.  Better to wait for the Mike Tate press release.  Trying to be original is just making him, and the other left-wing bloggers, look ridiculous.

Update! Mike Tate demonstrates why he is not ready for prime time. Hard to believe Tate is Chairman of a state party when they’re defending an open seat for governor, an open congressional seat, two more congressional Democrats are in trouble, and the Democrats’ formerly safe Senator Russ Feingold is actually behind. I’m sure some Democrats wonder, too.

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