Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

This ought to put to rest the idea she committed election fraud


Waukesha County Clerk’s Latest Snafu Nearly a $1 Million Mistake

Waukesha Patch is reporting a registered letter was lost by Kathy Nickolaus’ office. Apparently it was stuck in inter-office mail and somehow got lost which Nickolaus is blaming on a lack of staff and the recount. I know, it doesn’t make sense, but it’s Kathy.

Nickolaus also said her staff was overworked because of its involvement in the recount of the state Supreme Court election. The May 9 letter was delivered when the clerk’s office was overseeing the recount.

“The office was under a lot of pressure and was very understaffed due to the recount,” she said. “A request was made to the county board chairman for his staff to assist, but (we were) not given the help requested. The pressure and lack of staff may have been the reason.”

But Dwyer isn’t buying that argument.

“I do believe the letter came during the recount process,” he said. “But when she has another person signing her name to say she received something, she should have had a process in place to know where that document is going.”

Fortunately a follow-up letter was sent to the clerk’s office and another office. The other office recognized the importance of the letter (no word what happened to the follow-up to Nickolaus’ office), a hastily called County Board meeting was called, and the county was able to secure themselves a spot on the relevant committee.

By the way, we know of one County Clerk staff member who was in the office instead of assisting with the recount that could have signed for the registered letter. Her name is Kathy Nickolaus.

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