Saturday, November 25th, 2017

This should scare the heck out of you


New York City police and Department of Environmental Protection officials are looking for a stolen laptop with a diagram of NYC water system. Because the laptop doesn’t contain information about the resevoir system, they’re not worried too much about terrorism. Still,

What the laptop does contain is a diagram of the more than 6,000 miles of New York City water mains, as well as a map of the smaller Jerome Park Reservoir in the Bronx and the Central Park Reservoir in Manhattan.

I’m sure everything will be alright. After all, they don’t just let information like that wander out on someone’s laptop unless it’s not dangerous information, right?

Still to be determined, Michaels said, is whether the theft constituted a breach of DEP guidelines or regulations, whether it will prompt any changes in how the laptops are secured and whether there will be any disciplinary action against the employee.

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