Monday, May 20th, 2019

Tim Carpenter and Jim Doyle decide that not every kid deserves a great school


While Wisconsin was distracted by the presidential primary on Tuesday, the Democratic-controlled state senate voted 17-16 to cap enrollment in Wisconsin’s virtual schools until the effectiveness of virtual schools can be “studied”. The vote was originally 17-16 against the cap, but Democratic State Senator Tim Carpenter flipped his vote, and a gallery full of virtual school students and supporters watched as Senate Democrats decided not every child deserves a great school. Children only deserve WEAC-approved schools.

It was only yesterday that Governor Doyle decided the carefully worked-out compromise between Democrats and Republicans wasn’t good enough. Answering the WEAC hotline, Doyle announced that he wanted a cap on enrollment.

Perhaps Republicans should announce caps on enrollment in other forms of public education until some study shows that they work. Unlike virtual schools, there would be plenty of brick-and-mortar schools that would never open their doors again if they were held to any functional standard.

The students, parents and teachers that have chosen public virtual education have found schools that work for them. Will the Democrats get out of the virtual school house door?

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