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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04


  • My daughter just sang, "the milk is in the refrigerator" to Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" #
  • Why are my shoelaces too long and my bootlaces too short? Isn't there a government program for this? #
  • rt @mjcharleston Hahaha this is my favorite explanation so far on why Chicago lost the Olympics: #
  • I'll admit I wanted to see the runners in Chicago. Now I'll have to watch "Cops" instead. #
  • rt @seanhackbarth The Olympics are no longer one of @Oprah's Favorite Things. #
  • rt @pdigaudio Rush: "Oprah's so distraught she just ate Norway." #
  • I keep looking for the tragedy in the Olympics not going to Chicago. So far, I can't find it. #
  • rt @AndrewWeiland Chicago Olympic failure probably will not help Milwaukee's effort to get high speed rail #
  • rt @BOTeleprompter Big Guy wishes he hadn't brought Vangelis on AF1; "Chariots of Fire" isn't the same when you're the loser. #
  • rt @jimgeraghty No, really, how the hell did Chicago not even rank as the Second City? #
  • D'oh! No Obamalympics after all. Guess the world just doesn't love The One like he hoped. #
  • Breaking news: Michael Jackson is still dead, but he looked real good. #
  • Maybe Favre will retire again. #
  • rt @fox6now Brett Favre is scheduled to speak during a news conf starting 11:35am. Watch it until noon on #
  • rt @amykant …if you haven't checked out @jwigderson's new web site you should visit now! I designed it for him 😉 #
  • Some people suffer for their art. Other people suffer for my art. #
  • Somewhere @amykant is ready to punch whomever thought Twitter and WordPress should work together. But the site loooks great. #
  • Does campaign finance reform threaten the free speech rights of Catholics? #catholic #
  • rt @JimPethokoukis charlie cook: 33 to 50 percent chance Dems lose the House …"serious as heart attack" #tcot #
  • rt @jaketapper Heart-breaking, wrong, and not quite accurate: the President's insurance company horror stories > #
  • My father-in-law smokes less cigars because of the new tax. I wonder if WI reached the point of diminishing returns for the tax revenue #
  • My wife is downloading songs today because she doesn't want to pay the internet tax sales tax tomorrow in Wisconsin. #
  • Stalling on writing my column for this week. #
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