Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13


  • Most people don't know this, but @seanhackbarth once took Ann Coulter's words back into context. #
  • Just realized what my day was missing: coffee. Shan't happen again. #
  • Grandpa, tell me a story. @seanhackbarth's blog is ten years old. http://bit.ly/7hwjfS His 1st blog post was chiseled in rock. #
  • Did an interview w/ @WKOW on minimum mark up. I hope I didn't look like John Brown http://bit.ly/W2pZI #
  • Snickers update: Vending machine around corner from me now has Snickers Bars, not just vending machine downstairs. Hunger strike over. #
  • I go on Woot, toothbrush sanitizers. Olson in Pewaukee gets mobile missile launchers. #
  • Wish I was home trying to start the snowblower instead of my wife. #
  • Oh no. Oconomowoc snowed in. How will I ever get to Pabst Farms to do my Christmas shopping? #
  • The state government is closed today because of the weather. Enjoy the freedom while it lasts. #
  • The Wigderson Library & Pub will be open tomorrow despite #snowmageddon. http://www.wigderson.com/index.php/category/Home/ #
  • Thunder and lightning in Waukesha? or is that cannon fire? After all, we are under a state of emergency. #
  • i just spotted the first plow truck of winter. Is that good luck? Am I supposed to make a wish? #
  • I'm not going to Drinking Right tonight. Call me a wimp, but I don't have the new tires yet on the car. I'd be sledding instead of driving. #
  • Isn't there some "Senate Doctors" thing happening live at 4PM central on the intertubes? #hcr #
  • My dog has never met a nap she didn't like. #
  • I wonder if the Paul Soglin Snow Bicycling Posse is out today? #
  • People like to give me hugs and rub my belly for good luck. #
  • Dan Bice wrote about something interesting in Waukesha but I can't even read it since he became a gossip columnist. Funny how that works. #
  • Watching the Cowboys in December makes me want to read German novels about soldiers drowning in the Elbe. #
  • Oh good. Let's make the extra point harder. #
  • I'm glad I didn't make a prediction about the game on television today. #
  • watching the last Giants' touchdown reminds me why I don't live close to the Hoan bridge. #
  • Finished column for MacIver on Kagen's stock transfer tax before the deadline. Now what do I do? #
  • That looked like Romo-Williams good timing to me! Touchdown! #Cowboys #
  • Watching the Redskins lose made me all misty-eyed with joy. #Redskins #Cowboys #
  • Terence Newman's closing speed is just amazing. #cowboys #
  • REDSKINS LOSE!!!! #redskins #
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