Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27


  • My son on sportsmanship: "Because I'm the big kid and I made up the rules, I get to go first." #
  • I can't used to how clear everything is on the screen. Thanks Mrs. Claus. #
  • Getting used to my new Mac. Feel like I just joined the rebel alliance. Anybody know how to make Safari full screen? #
  • Little known fact, I employ Santa's elves in the Wigderson shameless sef-promotion department the rest of the year. #
  • rt @noradsanta Santa in Wulumuqi, China! It's 1,400 miles from any coastline – no city in the world is farther from water. | except waukesha #
  • rt @captimes captimes Woman accused of drunk driving allegedly takes it out on squad, cop | future Assembly member JW #
  • rt @kathrynlopez christmas eve present to myself: msnbc on mute #
  • Could someone call homeland security and let them know there's a group of people in Washington trying to sabotage 1/6th of the economy today #
  • Should have had @AJBombers for lunch today. Maybe tomorrow. #
  • I wonder if black helicopter manufacturers will be given equal time at #cpac10. #
  • Just got my oink swine flu shot. Oink. Didn't hurt a bit. Oink. Feel kinda funny though. oink oink. Ooh, truffles! #
  • When "activists" should take a cold shower: Somebody tell me what 8 hrs will do at this point. #tcot #
  • Did I mention that the lovely Doreen from Waukesha made homemade fudge last night. It was awesome. #
  • Not So Liberating: The Twilight of Liberation Theology – Samuel Gregg – The Corner on National Review Online: #
  • The evil that men do is called, "legislation." #
  • Christmas Eve forecast: Ice, snow, then Senator Reid bankrupts the country. #
  • Wisconsin spends so much on Medicaid even Obamacare can't keep up with us. #
  • I hate it when weeks of research into a column goes completely to heck. #
  • Crites Field called. The airport asked me to turn down my Christmas lights. #
  • UPFRONT with Mike Gousha, Dec. 20, 2009 – Terrence Wall Set To Challenge Sen. Russ Feingold #
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