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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25


  • I didn't want to eat that entire box of popsicles but I had to make room in the freezer for the new diet food I just bought. #
  • Kinda weird hearing my column read on the @MarkBellingShow this afternoon. Weird, but fun. Thanks Mark! #
  • New blog post: Don’t let facts get in way of cute story: A young girl saved the life of her best friend when she r… #
  • New blog post: Jeff Wood’s new bartender: State Representative Jeff Wood (censured) (I-Bloomer) is adding a new st… #
  • New blog post: Danger, legislature at work: With the state legislature is meeting today for the final scheduled ti… #
  • New blog post: Dick Leinenkugel, no apologies: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Apr 22, 2010; Secti… #
  • New blog post: Stop speaking for the trees and warm my feet: Today is Earth Day. It occurs to me this morning that… #
  • New blog post: What’s for dinner, Flipper?: DOLPHIN L’ORANGE

    2 lbs. Dolphin filets
    1 c. vinegar
    1 c. sugar
    1 tbsp… #

  • New blog post: Best thing Bob Kasten ever did: …was beat Gaylord Nelson in 1980. (Second best was beating Ed Garv… #
  • New blog post: Wow, spam: I’m being inundated with spam comments. My favorites are the ones looking for marijuana… #
  • New blog post: Will the legislature annex Canada?: Governor Jim Doyle, desperately trying to save his global warmi… #
  • New blog post: The Jeff Wood line: It’s official. There is almost no level of bad conduct that will get you throw… #
  • New blog post: Jeff Wood, class act: What a nice, upstanding member of the community. Real class. Why, he even t… #
  • New blog post: Exclusive video of Jeff Wood as he left Madison this morning to head back to Bloomer: #
  • New blog post: The liquor stores aren’t even open yet: If nothing else can be said about State Rep. Jeff Wood, he’… #
  • New blog post: Is it just warm in here or is it just the global warming bill up in flames?: State Representative S… #
  • New blog post: The Assembly took a poll tonight on who is likely to be the next governor: The Assembly passed a re… #
  • My wife got pulled over for speeding, my dog wagged his tail at the cop.I got pulled over for speeding, my dog growled & barked. #
  • I just explained to my kid the difference between his recess and the state assembly recess to caucus. He likes his better. #
  • New blog post: Public Service Commission study on global warming bill flawed: The Metropolitan Milwaukee Associati… #
  • New blog post: Who will help him pack?: State Representative Spencer Black wishes he was in the Nebraska legislatu… #
  • The Wisconsin legislature is in session. "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious." #
  • New blog post: Nobody buying what the PSC is selling on the global warming bill: Supporters of the proposed global… #
  • New blog post: Will Mary Hubler believe Jeff Wood is guilty now?: As you may have heard over the weekend, State Re… #
  • New blog post: Jay Bullock, neo-liberal?: Jay Bullock of the blog, folkbum, defends himself from the charges that … #
  • New blog post: George Washington, library book thief: George Washington, library scofflaw?
    New York City’s oldest … #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18: Just finished filling out my census form. Every 10 years I g… #
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