Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06


  • New blog post: Disclosure: Given the possible scandals in South Carolina, I thought I would state for the record: #
  • Why are mint Oreo cookies the same thickness as double-stuff regular Oreos, but mint Oreos are not labeled double-stuff? #
  • New blog post: look up: If the world turned upside-down
    then the ground would be up
    and the sky would be down.
    We … #
  • New blog post: Sucks to be a Libertarian that doesn’t want to respect property rights: Senate candidate Rand Paul … #
  • New blog post: Good intentions gone wrong: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Jun 3, 2010; Section: O… #
  • New blog post: Milwaukee Film bringing newly restored Metropolis: Milwaukee Film is bringing Metropolis to their f… #
  • I'm banging on my bongos like a chimpanzee #
  • New blog post: I forgot to organize the boycott: Blogger Owen Robinson sat in during the last hour of the Mark Bel… #
  • New blog post: MPS budget meeting tonight: The MacIver Institute reminds us that Milwaukee Public Schools will be … #
  • New blog post: Mickey Kaus discovers campaign finance laws are more than just annoying: Pundit and US Senate candi… #
  • New blog post: “Crazynurse” announces candidacy for Assembly: Dawn “Crazynurse” Caruss announced her candidacy for… #
  • New blog post: I guess we know what Alderman Bull thinks of some of her constituents: I received the following e-m… #
  • New blog post: GAB retread David Deininger: Governor Jim Doyle announced Wednesday an appointment to the “non-part… #
  • We're having an orange crystal light crisis in the house. It's like crack for the Lovely Doreen. #
  • New blog post: The Gore breakup: I swore I was not going to comment on former Vice President Al Gore’s separation … #
  • New blog post: Papers, please.: Welcome to Wisconsin. Please have your papers handy at all times.
    Starting today … #
  • rt @mikepfs President Obama's Memorial Day Speech Rained Out || Guess he should've gone to Arlington. #
  • rt @mikepfs President Obama's Memorial Day Speech Rained Out || Gues he should've gone to Arlington. #
  • My body is just beat. Serious yard work. #
  • New blog post: Quote of the day: “In the end, Maya is postmodern: she can’t really make music or art that well, bu… #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30: New blog post: Traffic alert: Jeff Wood is out of jail: The … #
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