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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25


  • New blog post: Ghosts of mayors past, Waukesha’s water future: Two of Waukesha’s ex-mayors offer their counsel to … #
  • New blog post: No, Texas hasn’t been invaded: Despite a rumor on Twitter, Texas has not been invaded by a small ar… #
  • Waiting to see similar action taken in West Virginia for Robert Byrd's name. #
  • New blog post: One more public affairs program to DVR tomorrow: Rebecca Kleefisch, Republican candidate for Lt. Go… #
  • New blog post: This can’t be good for Palin’s political career: Kate Gosselin will be camping with former Alaska G… #
  • New blog post: Opaque transparency: Received a tip today there will be an article in tomorrow’s Waukesha Freeman a… #
  • New blog post: Whoever’s going to Vegas stays in Milwaukee: I won’t complain too much, but I’m supposed to be in L… #
  • Flight cancelled to Las Vegas. I'm betting the plane and the crew never made it to Milwaukee tonight. Going to miss RightOnline. #
  • Mike Jacobs on WTMJ just called the airport reopening tomorrow "iffy." #
  • Suddenly @Realdebate's plan of getting to Las Vegas today looks like genius. #
  • With Mitchell closed, my 06:00 flight is looking pretty unlikely. #
  • Sounds like round 2 is hitting here in Waukesha. #
  • I really should be packing. I wonder if my flight is actually going to leave tomorrow morning? #brewcityflood #
  • The basement door at @AJBombers Not sure if the water pump for burgers trade special is still going. #
  • Okay, I won't hold it against the Deep Tunnel and MMSD if they had to dump today. Took me forever to get home from my parents' tonight. #
  • New blog post: Father-son outing creates memories, mosquito bites: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: … #
  • New blog post: BadgerCare Plus Basic’s enrollment numbers not a cause for joy: The first enrollment numbers are in… #
  • New blog post: I am the white man’s bitch: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wednesday on an independent can… #
  • New blog post: A couple of misconceptions that are out there: As long as we’re on the subject of Waukesha and it’s… #
  • New blog post: Okay, now what Waukesha?: Waukesha’s Common Council President Alderman Paul Ybarra’s statement in r… #
  • New blog post: Council President re-states the city’s official position: Waukesha’s Official Position Is to Suppor… #
  • New blog post: I haven’t seen a conversion like this since Saul’s trip to Damascus: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett ha… #
  • Should I be concerned when an entire law firm starts following me on twitter? #
  • New blog post: Remind me again why we station cops inside the schools: It took two Shorewood cops, one of them the… #
  • New blog post: Silence of the aldermen: Either I live in a city completely populated by mimes, or Waukesha’s TV 25… #
  • Home construction sinks to lowest level since Oct. Housing collapse, round 2. #
  • New blog post: State Supreme Court rules against state budget raid on medical malpractice fund: In a 5-2 decision … #
  • Ilsa gets on the plane with Laszlo #twittermoviespoilers #
  • The bomb doesn't kill Hitler #twittermoviespoilers #
  • Elizabeth Bennett marries Mr. Darcy #twittermoviespoilers #
  • They needed a bigger boat but the shark still dies. #twittermoviespoilers #
  • Dave Bowman meets the starchild. Or becomes the starchild. Or something. Lots of colors. #twittermoviespoilers #
  • New blog post: Shocking news: I caught Fred Dooley playing with Barbie dolls, and I want one, too. #
  • New blog post: Jobbed on jobs: Brian Fraley points out the tragic absurdity of the latest job numbers and notes th… #
  • 36" old Sanyo tv still works sitting on my front lawn free for the asking. Come & get it before the rain. (too old for donation) #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18: Food ready for the kids. Ray Charles and I going back to wor… #
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