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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22


  • New blog post: Northern lights? No, that’s just our water supply: That healthy glow may not be coming from the su… http://bit.ly/cFgwMQ #
  • New blog post: A quote to start your week: Michael Horne, one of the more interesting writers on the left side of … http://bit.ly/9FtpD4 #
  • New blog post: Are you angry yet?: Waukesha Freeman columnist Pete Kennedy asks if Waukesha is getting angrier?
    http://bit.ly/cnb51H #
  • I don't care what Campbells says. Two cans of soup plus one can of water. #
  • New blog post: An update on Tom Barrett’s Ozzygate: WTMJ-TV news in Milwaukee aired a report (video) on the Barret… http://bit.ly/dp4CJJ #
  • New blog post: I confess to not being familiar with the geography of the area: But will this billion dollar extra … http://bit.ly/97Da5c #
  • New blog post: Who will Tom Barrett fire?: As we all know by now, highly-paid political campaign professionals in … http://bit.ly/dbeNnp #
  • New blog post: Neumann-Walker race could have domino effect: Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Aug 19, 2… http://bit.ly/9kHUco #
  • New blog post: Just thought I would remind Bullock’s readers: Jay Bullock commenting on racial issues is somewhat … http://bit.ly/durqzr #
  • New blog post: Hey, look, FEMA money for flood victims: In Illinois. It’s the Chicago way. http://bit.ly/ccpihE #
  • What is it with people and last minute requests? #
  • New blog post: You knew Walker’s opponents would get silly when the debate started with “re-tweet”: Well, the Milw… http://bit.ly/99oyZQ #
  • New blog post: Helpful primer for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel headline writers: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s he… http://bit.ly/a2iZg2 #
  • New blog post: Winning the train debate station-to-station: Our friends at the state DOT have decided to toss the … http://bit.ly/boyx3Q #
  • New blog post: Do Feingold supporters really want to go there?: Most of us are familiar enough with US Senate cand… http://bit.ly/azj5pl #
  • New blog post: Now you know why Journolist was so important to the left: Someone might actually discover when the … http://bit.ly/bQXOgO #
  • People should pay me for relationship advice. #
  • rt @AndyTarnoff After setting my iPhone on an outdoor table at Alterra, it told me it was too hot to use. || I come with that warning,too-jw #
  • New blog post: Talgo money lobbying for trains: One of the groups that is attempting to gin up support for the pro… http://bit.ly/acxDEt #
  • New blog post: Wasn’t it supposed to be an advantage to have Democrats running everything?: Are Governor Jim Doyle… http://bit.ly/cPKBOY #
  • New blog post: Horror show: Is Brett Favre on a plane more frightening than Snakes on a Plane? http://bit.ly/bKASpX #
  • New blog post: Stop that train: Another reminder Brookfield residents will have a chance tonight to weigh in on th… http://bit.ly/aOD2MW #
  • New blog post: Taking the campaign playbook from the pages of the Onion: Mike Tate and the Democrats, desperate to… http://bit.ly/bJisdU #
  • New blog post: Stop a train Tuesday: Just a reminder that the City of Brookfield Common Council is having a public… http://bit.ly/b5mB0c #
  • New blog post: African Americans dancing in Detroit is now racist symbolism: Jill Bader, the communications direct… http://bit.ly/dhZ7Im #
  • New blog post: President Obama’s bag of federal cash: As you may have heard if you were listening to Pat Snyder in… http://bit.ly/cRkSBo #
  • Viagra for MPS? Why not? They need the blue pills to go with the condoms they're handing out. I say replace the pools with hot tubs. #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15: Anyone read Christopher Hitchens' Hitch-22? What did you thi… http://bit.ly/a8wSgQ #
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