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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26: New blog post: Happy Father’s Day: Happy Father’s Day to a… http://bit.ly/iXDDtH #
  • New blog post: Governor Scott Walker’s Veto Message: Governor Scott Walker issued his veto message today. (Compl… http://bit.ly/l0ITIe #
  • New blog post: Bogart, RIP: “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog” – President Harry Truman For thirtee… http://bit.ly/jwV3dF #
  • Interesting analysis by Ann Althouse on the Ann Walsh Bradley / David Prosser story http://t.co/wSrTcqT #
  • More Details Emerge in Wisconsin’s ‘Chokegate’ – National Review Online: http://t.co/n7vMzY2 Bradley defenders won't like them. #wiunion #
  • New blog post: Quote of the day: “There was no word on where the teen will be practicing next.” – Lisa Sink, “Po… http://bit.ly/kaCaZe #
  • New blog post: Senator Johnson objects: In one speech Senator Ron Johnson did more good than former Senator Russ… http://bit.ly/iJ0esn #
  • New blog post: They were glad I wasn’t in Madison: The only tune I can carry is a tuna sandwich. Dave Blaska and… http://bit.ly/ldtyHg #
  • Senator Ron Johnson's speech today saying he will object to unanimous consent until the Senate discusses the budget. http://t.co/QTXR8Bl #
  • Just wrote my most controversial column ever. No, it's not about the mayor. #
  • New blog post: More lawsuits the mayor’s way: In the Waukesha Patch article concerning the hiring of a new consu… http://bit.ly/iDdnYb #
  • New blog post: Why own a pit bull?: Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Jun 30, 2011; Section:Opinion; P… http://bit.ly/m6ytdJ #
  • New blog post: Quote of the day: I dated a hippie chick who worked for Human Rights Watch. Ironically, it was to… http://bit.ly/m1eAJC #
  • New blog post: More on the pitbull story: The Waukesha Freeman reported today that the dog has been trouble befo… http://bit.ly/lWHqTS #
  • New blog post: Flags lowered on Friday for Army Spc Tyler Kreinz: From a press release from the Wisconsin Depart… http://bit.ly/ktyYJm #
  • New blog post: Dean Kaufert is right: State Rep. Dean Kaufert is right: Representative Dean Kaufert sent the fol… http://bit.ly/iAriWH #
  • New blog post: Lennon the closet Republican: A former aide to the late John Lennon is claiming Lennon had secret… http://bit.ly/m0s7Fd #
  • "Halperin Was Right" sticker from the Wigderson Library & Pub Gift Shop: http://t.co/kkH3hZr #
  • "Getting Wiggy With It" Pint Glass Wigderson Library & Pub Gift Shop: http://t.co/7nviNIF #
  • Question Othority Sticker (Bumper 10 pk) Wigderson Library & Pub Gift Shop: http://t.co/1bAvNzS #
  • New blog post: Charity billiards tournament in July in Waukesha: Thought I would pass this along for all my moto… http://bit.ly/kRvOf1 #
  • New blog post: Beat the rush: In light of Mark Halperin’s ill-timed comment on MSNBC about President Barack Obam… http://bit.ly/k0yAAz #
  • Apparently @jfoust didn't read the blog post about whether John Lennon was a Republican. Or the comments. But you can. http://t.co/YWhy9pd in reply to jfoust #
  • New blog post: Thanks Kathy: I forgot to make mention of this earlier in the week. The bill is in for the recoun… http://bit.ly/jzseJ3 #
  • A family in Waukesha is looking for help. Here's one way: http://t.co/7t8JN56 #
  • Question "Othority" bumper sticker Wigderson Library & Pub Gift Shop: http://t.co/6VPfbsD #
  • New blog post: 3 on 3 charity basketball tournament: A Waukesha family is looking for help for their son, Andy N… http://bit.ly/mKhDGK #
  • New blog post: The red balloon is down: Happily, it didn’t cause any damage. But Ron Blair, assistant director o… http://bit.ly/l7t2fr #
  • New blog post: Give politics back to the politicians!: Over at Fighting Bob, Bill Kraus explains why he likes pu… http://bit.ly/mHMNun #
  • New blog post: This is the voice of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin: Why is this juvenile delinquent is still … http://bit.ly/mNRGrl #
  • New blog post: Away from the internet for a few days: My usual plan of taking time off from updating the website… http://bit.ly/lU5M7r #
  • New blog post: Guess the application is complete after all: The excuse we were given the other day by Mayor Jeff… http://bit.ly/mwxN9M #
  • Warm beer anyone? I forgot to have my houseboy Ho-Jon stock the refrigerator. #
  • One thing about writing an article for @maciverwisc, I had at least 30 tabs open in my browser. #
  • Finally, off to bed for a few hours. Don't call me. I'll be cranky if you wake me up. #
  • Too late for a martini, too. Damn. #
  • New blog post: Fun with fireworks: http://bit.ly/jvsbEO #
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