Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Two parties


Rich Lowry of National Review points out something interesting:

Here’s one way to look at it: 60% of voters were evangelicals. Huck beat Romney among them 45-19%. 40% weren’t evangelicals. Romney beat Huck among them 33-13%.

Reminds me of a different campaign, the Petak Recall. Tommy! came in to campaign at a fundraiser for George Petak. My friend Bob pointed to the bar and to the tables. You could see the regular GOP crowd at the bar and George’s other base (except for those too angry with him to show up) sitting at the tables not drinking. There was not much mixing.

Meanwhile, John O’Sullivan, a former editor of National Review urges a rallying to Romney:

It seems clear that we should do all we can to help revive the Romney campaign. If that fails, we face a choice between Huckabee and McCain. Neither looks like a good bet against a surging Obama candidacy.

As much as I respect O’Sullivan and the editors of National Review (who also endorsed Romney) I think it premature to panic and rally to one candidate yet, and if it is time, I’m not sure the candidate should be Governor Romney – or Fred Thompson.

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