Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Unhappy Eli


Around the NFC East we find a few unhappy campers.

For one, Eli Manning is beginning to regret his career choices (warning: rough language after link).

I do not like football. I don’t know how much clearer I can make that point. This sport blows. Everyone’s running around and hitting each other… yikes. All I wanted when I was a kid was to hang out with my mom in the kitchen and make some zucchini bread. But nooooo, everyone’s all like, “You’re a Manning. You should play football!”

Drew Bledsoe explains why his jersey is cheaper then Tony Romo’s (ditto language).

I took an economics course in college (B+) so I can explain this phenomenon pretty easily.

It is beneficial for the store to… put the best jersey’s on sale at a lower price. Why? Because when an item is insanely popular, it makes sense to lower the price, so more people can buy it. Does that make sense? Like… it’s hard to explain.

For example, my Jersey costs $69.99, Homo’s jersey costs $99.99, that means, they are going to sell more of mine because I’m a better player. Does that make sense? It’s hard to explain.

Back to reality, and a hard reality it is for Eagles fans, Jonathan Last takes a look into the future with his friend BJ and doesn’t like what he sees.

I love McNabb. I think he’s the third-best QB in the game today (at least) and has the potential to be regarded someday as the Elway of his generation. But Elway didn’t miss a lot of games. He averaged 14.6 games per season for his entire career.

But if McNabb is going to keep getting hurt–something for which he bears no blame whatsoever–then this franchise has no future in its current configuration.

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