Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Van Scyoc wants an empty chair to moderate debate with Marek


Well, this is new. Town of Waukesha Chairman Angie Van Scyoc wants to debate her general election opponent John Marek tomorrow afternoon. She picked the time. She picked the place. She sent out the invitations. And then she forgot most debates need a moderator.

John Marek offered to help find one, and two qualified individuals even stepped forward. But Van Scyoc apparently wanted the debate to resemble the three-ring-circus she’s made of the town, and has rejected the proposed debate moderators. Marek has issued a press release in response:

Chairwoman Van Scyoc Refuses to Debate Marek

Chairwoman VanScyoc has invited me to participate in a debate at the town hall, but has of this date, not secured any moderator.

Two well qualified individuals have stepped forward, and volunteered  to moderate the debate, the debate coach from Waukesha South High School, and Karen Schuh, Town Association Board member, and past Vernon Town Chairman.

I have accepted either moderator, and am available for the Thursday afternoon debate.

Sadly,  VanScyoc has chosen to forego a debate with either moderator, or any other moderator for that matter.

I look forward to a properly organized debate, moderated by any qualified independent third party.  Out of respect for those who choose to observe Easter week end, I suggest Monday April 1st  is the next open date. My calendar is open, and I eagerly await VanScyoc’s confirmation of that date.

John Marek

Since there is unlikely to be a debate in the town of Waukesha before Election Day, I suggest voters read my take on the upcoming election in tomorrow’s Waukesha Freeman, along with my takes on the New Berlin mayoral race and the race for alderman in downtown Waukesha. Hey, it’s still just 50 cents.

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