Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Vick and Owens


I’m sorry. Two minutes left, two timeouts, 10 points down, and the quarterback walks off the field? What kind of garbage is that?

I made my son sit up and watch the end of the game with me. When Michael Vick left the game, I told my son what a quitter he is. Vick is a complete loser and he will never lead his team to another Super Bowl. A couple of moments later they showed Vick standing on the sideline with a supposed groin injury.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys looked pretty good. They always have trouble with Atlanta for some reason. TE Jason Witten and WR Terry Glenn are the “go to” guys in the fourth quarter when their team needs them. Romo continues to grow. And RB Marion Barber, not flashy, not a breakaway threat, but when you need that final drive he’s the guy.

The Cowboys clinch a playoff spot, just in time for Terrell Owens (a post-game recalcitrant Terrell Owens) to probably be suspended a game for spitting in DeAngelo Hall’s face. Owens apologized after the game, but I’m sure the league will have something to say. I’m glad Will was asleep for that part. One football lesson a night is enough.

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