Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Walker admits possibly knowing Russell


Governor Scott Walker announced today that his attorneys may have uncovered evidence that he might possibly know former aide Tim Russell. Walker hired Mike Steinle of Terschan, Steinle & Ness, and John Gallo of Sidley Austin, to investigate aspects of his past as it relates to the ongoing John Doe probe into political activity during Walker’s time as Milwaukee County Executive.

Russell, a former Deputy Chief of Staff and Housing Director for the Department of Health and Human Services, is accused of creating a clandestine internet network for political purposes and three counts of embezzlement from an event for veterans at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Russell is also a long time political ally of the governor.

On a visit to Clintonville to survey the earthquake damage, Walker said, “According to the research conducted by my attorneys in cooperation with the John Doe investigation, I may, and I stress “may,” have known who Tim Russell was.”

“However, my attorneys have found absolutely no evidence yet that I knew Tim Russell’s job duties when he worked for Milwaukee County. We continue to cooperate with the investigation, even though I barely know anything about that, too.”

When asked if he could remember Russell’s successor, Kelly Rindfleisch, Walker said he expects his attorneys to be able to tell him that soon. “Whether or not I knew of, Rindfleisch you said? Whether or not I knew her is a matter for my attorneys to discover and I expect an answer of whether I knew her soon. However, we may not be able to comment at that time because of the ongoing investigation.”

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