Monday, November 20th, 2017

Walker’s Twitter account down


Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s Twitter account is down.  The Walker campaign believes political opponents reported the account as spam:

“This afternoon, our Twitter account was the victim of attack from opponents of our movement. We comply with the Terms of Service for Twitter and are working to rectify the situation. In the meantime, keep up with our campaign by following our Facebook Fan Page,” the campaign page says.

Jill Bader, communications director for Walker’s campaign, confirmed that the Walker camp believes political opponents reported Walker’s tweets as spam, prompting Twitter to shut down the account, at least temporarily.

Some bloggers and people on Twitter have speculated that Walker’s account might have broken Twitter rules and tried to get the attention of potential followers by following their Twitter accounts and un-following them repeatedly. Some Twitter users do that to gain new followers.

Bader says Walker’s campaign hasn’t done that.

Unfortunately the only deterrence for such a prank is to ban the prankster permanently. That’s not likely to happen, even if that was Twitter’s intent, because of how easy it is to register a Twitter account.

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