Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Watcha doing tonight?


If you’re a blogger and planning on live blogging tonight’s election results, WisOpinion.com wants to know before noon today.


Submit Your Blog For The WisOpinion Election Coverage Page

By WisOpinion

For election night, WisOpinion will be hosting a page with links to blogger coverage of election results.

If you are a blogger and you plan on live-blogging or writing about the election results on Tuesday night, please send a note to wisopinion@wispolitics.com with a link to your blog and a brief list of the races or ballot issues you may write about. Local legislative races and referendums are preferable, but statewide or national coverage works too.

Submit your blog by NOON on Election Day for the best chance of being included.

If you’re planning on going out tonight, Owen Robinson has a list of some of the Republican victory parties around the state. And if you’re planning on staying home, I’m tenatively slated for an appearance on WTMJ-TV (channel 4 in Milwaukee) to discuss the gay marriage amendment.

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