Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Waukesha Alderman want 25% increase in Pay!


I really dont even know where to begin here. I open my online edition to the Waukesha Freeman this morning and the headline gets me “Council President urges pay hike for Alderman”. Okay-Here is what I loved even better-“Mayor Nelson said he talk to the City Administrator Jim Payne who told Nelson that the extra money “wouldn’t be a problem” come budget preparation time next fall”. REALLY? Why is that? Because the city of Waukesha is finally going to consider either a City Administator OR a Mayor? Not one of each? That is where the extra money is going to come from?

I really dont have an overall problem with an increase. But I have a problem with a 25% increase. Not when you normal citizens get raises each year that are 2% or less. Even with the fact that they have not had an increase since 2001, at 2% a year that is only 12%. Better yet, I may even consider the 25% increase if SOMEONE in the city can get rid of that stupid trailer that is still sitting in our neighbors yard!!

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