Friday, November 24th, 2017

Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas supports budget repair bill


From the press release:

“I support Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill. It is a bold move that is a much needed step toward fiscal responsibility that fosters growth and prosperity in Wisconsin. The state budget deficit must be addressed. It is time to be honest about what taxpayers can afford. It is also time to bring public sector benefits in line with private sector benefits. Wisconsin must now be a leader in fiscal reform. The Budget Repair Bill is an honest step in that direction.

I am proud of our County employees and their hard work and dedication to Waukesha County. The flexibility and tools provided in this bill to local governments will help protect taxpayer dollars while still permitting state and local governments to deliver high quality, essential services. The bill also continues to provide public employees with one of the strongest civil service systems in the country.

For years, Waukesha County has been a leader in the area of compensation reform. A few years ago, we started requiring new non-represented employees to contribute to their pension. Our employees also currently contribute toward their health insurance premium. Governor Walker’s bill takes the reforms we have introduced here in Waukesha County to the entire state and I applaud him for that.”


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