Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Way too complicated Mac ‘n’ Cheese


On Friday’s Good Morning America, Emeril Lagasse picked the winner of the best macaroni & cheese contest. The winner was Laura Macek, and not only was her recipe complicated, it looks damn expensive.

For an alternative, here’s the James Wigderson College Daze Mac N’ Cheese recipe:

1 box generic macaroni and cheese dinner. Make sure it is the kind with the powdered orange cheese dust.

Then discover your milk was drank by your roommate, and the other roommate didn’t buy any butter because he’s tired of you swiping it.

3 cans beer.

Follow directions on box while drinking first can of beer. When you reach the point of the missing dairy products, slowly add the remaining beer from your can until the powedered cheese mix reaches the desired viscosity. Open second can of beer and drink while stirring macaroni and cheese. When macaroni is sufficently covered with the powdered cheese and beer mixture, down second beer. Clean dish. Pour desired serving of macaroni into dish. Open third beer.

For a healthier dinner, chop up some broccoli and throw it in there. The beer will kill the taste.

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