Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

We’d all love to see the plan


The Waukesha School Board passed the new contract with the teachers unanimously this evening. Meeting was less than a half hour, and really went 25 minutes longer than necessary. After all, they were only voting on the financial health of the school district, but nobody had any copies of the the contract. With nothing to discuss, why discuss? Why not vote before the roll is called? Heck, one school board member only showed up right at the end, after the vote had started, just barely in time to cast his vote.

What fun it would have been had Dan Warren voted no, eh?

Of course, if they had waited until the next regularly scheduled meeting, then (according to school superintendent Dave Schmidt in answer WTL President Chris Lufter’s question after the meeting) we could all have had copies of the new contract. Then we could have actually read what was passed tonite – unanimously, and with nobody asking any questions.

Gosh, democracy is fun.

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