Saturday, August 24th, 2019

What’s at stake today


Our friends at RightWisconsin asked Dave Blaska, Jerry Bader and me to join their editor Collin Roth in talking about who and what are on the ballot today. I actually put on my prognosticator pundit hat on (always dangerous) and predicted the outcomes of a number of elections in Waukesha. One race I touched on is the Waukesha School Board race:

For the first time in recent memory there is a slate of grassroots challengers running for the school board. My gut feeling is that incumbent Kurt O’Bryan survives the assault after separate endorsements by former Mayor Larry Nelson and former Waukesha Taxpayer League President Chris Lufter. (Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria.)

Do check out the rest of the article, if only to read Blaska’s update on the Madison mayoral race and Bader’s update on what is happening in Green Bay.

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