Saturday, August 24th, 2019

What’s in your attic?


I bet your attic is not nearly as interesting asDolly Oesterreich’s attic.

Otto claimed that the two once made love no less than eight times in one single day. He soon became so fixated on Dolly that he secretly moved, with her help, into the Oesterreich’s attic. Over the next few years, the Oesterreichs moved to various residences in Milwaukee,and so did Sanhuber. By day, Sanhuber did housework and kitchen chores and fulfilled his duties as a lover. He lived on left overs he was fed in the kitchen. At night, in the attic, he read murder mysteries by candlelight and wrote imaginative tales of lust and romance that he sold to pulp magazines. In 1921, Dolly convinced Fred {Oesterreich} to move to Los Angeles and Sanhuber followed.

The Milwaukee Public Museum should have a replica of her house in the “Streets of Old Milwaukee” exhibit, complete with a scantily clad Dolly “wearing only stockings and a silk robe.”

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