Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

When every vote counts


Waukesha District Attorney Candidate Dennis Krueger braved the rain and knocked on my door today as part of his endless quest for votes. His opponent is Brad Schimel.

I think it’s an interesting race from an inside-outside point of view. Schimel is currently working as a prosecutor in the office he would like to lead. Krueger currently works as a prosecutor for a different county. Krueger had worked for the local DA’s office before leaving briefly for the private sector. Krueger can safely be called the Republican Party insider. However, Schimel has some GOP endorsements, too.

Both bring a wide variety of experience with different endorsements. One endorsement that I find interesting was Krueger’s endorsement by Pro-Life Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Schimel has been endorsed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Krueger was also one of the few politicians to make the trip to Oconomowoc in a snow shower to attend a rally sponsored by the Waukesha Taxpayers League to reduce the size of the Waukesha County Board.

Apparently neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will keep Dennis Krueger from campaigning.

We’ll see if that’s enough to put Krueger ahead at the end of election night. Look for a very close race. The good news for the voters, either way you vote looks like a winner for Waukesha.

Those of you who are closer to the campaigns might have a few words to say about either candidate in the comments. I’d like to know who you think is going to win, and why, and who would make the better district attorney.

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