Friday, November 24th, 2017

Where am I?


Henry Sanders, running in the Democratic primary for state assembly against State Representative Dave Travis, sent out a press release asking why did Travis kick off his campaign at an event outside the district?

“He skipped the party convention because, he said, no one in La Crosse could vote for him,” Sanders said, “Well, there aren’t many people in Middleton who can vote for him either, but that isn’t stopping him from starting his campaign there.”

Travis responded,

“Sorry, Henry, part of Middleton is in the district you seek to represent. I assure you—I’ve been there.

“In fact, Middleton is smack dab in the middle of the district, and is kind of the urban center for the adjoining towns of Westport and Springfield—that’s why we’re having the campaign kick off there.

I did a “find your legislator” search, and the state representative for the bowling alley is Spencer Black.

(Here’s a link to the map of the 81st assembly district at Travis’ assembly website.)

All this proves is that I’m easily amused.

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