Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Where’s Tom?


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is on the road looking for support in his race for governor.

Dear James,

This week I launched my Wisconsin Jobs Tour, and I want to share some thoughts with you about Wisconsin’s economic future.

Over three days, I traveled to La Crosse and Howard’s Grove, Eau Claire and Sheboygan, Green Bay and Abbotsford, Manitowoc and Shawano, Madison and Wausau.

In wonder how many of those communities knew that Barrett was coming to town.  The report from radio station WSAU in Wausau:

Nothing unusual happened. A candidate gave a stump speech about the economy and jobs. All typical campaign-trail stuff.

But everything leading up to yesterday’s Barrett appearance was not typical.

Barrett’s campaign never told us that he was coming to Wausau. His stop in Wausau was mentioned in a newswire story from his stop in LaCrosse a day earlier. No press release was sent to our newsroom. No campaign representative called us.

Knowing that he was coming, we were looking for the time of Barrett’s arrival. We went on-line and searched for his web site. I’m sure he has one. But for you search “Tom Barrett for Governor”, his official campaign web site doesn’t come up. A Facebook fan page does… but that’s maintained by his supporters, and doesn’t have a campaign schedule.

We searched the on-line phone book for Barrett campaign headquarters. We couldn’t find it.

(ht: Kevin Binversie)

Do you think when Barrett was speaking up there, it was like the old Wausau Insurance commercial?

“That’s right.”

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