Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Who are you to argue with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has once again picked my humble little efforts as the weekly Best of the Blogs. Perhaps it was because I took a jab at one of their competitors.

End of the line
Saturday (April 26) was the last day for the regularly printed version of the Capital Times. From here on out, Madison’s Progressive newspaper will be pixels and bytes. Ed Garvey will miss it. After all, they gave him a lifetime achievement award. Ann Althouse will not, having been the target of its tolerance of low-minded conspiracy theorists.

I miss the loss of almost any newspaper, and so I guess I’m sorry to see Madison reduced to one daily liberal newspaper. Perhaps if the company that ran both newspapers hadn’t let the Wisconsin State Journal drift leftward there would have been room for two newspapers. But when the choices are left and left-er, something’s gotta give.

James Wigderson
Wigderson Library & Pub

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