Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Who can fill these shoes?


Just spoke with Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson. Nelson said we can move him from the “likely” column to the “definite” column for running for re-election and he will formally announce in early November. Nelson confirmed he has been speaking to people to plan his re-election. He also said he fully expects to see a full field of candidates running. I suggested maybe five total, but he pointed out that there were seven last time. How many will be serious contenders is the open question.

Other possible candidates so far include former Waukesha reporter for the Journal Sentinel Darryl Enriquez, who has said he is exploring the idea, and Alderman Randy Radish, whom several sources have named as a likely candidate.

Mayor Nelson also said he read the Maureen Dowd column (“The Devil Wears Crocs”) this morning and said it’s not often he and former President Bush could be mentioned together.

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