Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Who wants to live in Janesville?


Wisconsin’s absurd standard for residency when it comes to running for office needs to be fixed. The whole point of any residency requirement is that someone representing a district in the legislature should actually be of that district. I know, what a concept.

Instead, we have a ridiculous rule that allows someone to move into the district after they’ve been elected as long as it’s ten days before they take office. Add to that simple rule the exceptions that have been made for Republicans Scott Gunderson, John Gard and Scott Newcomer and we have a law that’s almost unenforcable.

Last year it was Democratic Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan who, due to his domestic situation, found himself living temporarily outside his district. This led to a comedy of candidates to replace Sheridan that also happened to live outside the assembly district.

Now the man who was elected to replace Sheridan, Republican Joe Knilans, is having trouble selling his home and moving into the district. Knilans is renting space in his brother’s basement to establish residency. (By the way, do the local codes allow someone to live in the basement at the Brother Knilans’ residence?)

Knilans said, “I’ve done legally what I’m supposed to do.”

Perhaps, given the sad tatters we find the residency requirement, but the people of the 44th Assembly District would probably like it if their representative was actually a representative of their district instead of the 45th Assembly District.

Of course, Knilans said he would like to focus on, “more important things,” than whether he actually meets the requirements to serve in the Assembly.

I wonder who Knilans voted for in the Republican primary?

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