Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Why Joe can’t read


Democratic Party Chair Joe Wineke set the all-time land speed record for having a complaint rejected by the state ethics board. Wineke alleged JB Van Hollen did not disclose a piece of property on his statement of economic interests. In fact, he had. From the Van Hollen press release:

Mr. Van Hollen had identified the parcel by its street address – 15760 Camp Two Road, Mason, WI. Bayfield County Land Department’s records confirm that the street address and the legal description of the parcel mentioned in the complaint refer to the same property.

Is this a new strategy by the Democrats? Go through the statement of economic interests line-by-line and deny what their own eyes are telling them?

My spies tell me that next week Wineke is going to complain to the state elections board that Van Hollen should be denied access to the ballot because the space between “Van” and “Hollen” is really an alias meant to make the voter think “Van” is Van Hollen’s first name.

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