Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Why Wirch, Holperin and Hansen


WTMJ-AM radio talk show host Jeff Wagner points out why fugitive State Senators Bob Wirch, Jim Holperin and Dave Hansen are the nominees for the most-likely-to-be-recalled award.

Democrat Bob Wirch basically represents Kenosha County. Kenosha County consists of three very distinct districts ( a Senate District equals three Assembly Districts): the City of Kenosha ( a Democratic stronghold), the outlying communities (where GOP Assemblywoman Samantha Kerkman won with 70% of the vote in 2010), and the more politically mixed area on the border around Pleasant Prairie. Walker won Kenosha County in 2010 with 51% of the vote.

Democrat Jim Holperin represents the heavily Republican northeast corner of the State. All three Assembly Districts are controlled by Republicans. In 2010, Walker won most counties in the Senate District by 10 or 20 points. Holprin himself was elected in the 2008 Democratic landslide by only a small margin.

Finally, Democrat Dave Hansen represents Brown County and portions of Marinette and Oconto Counties. All three Assembly Representatives in this Senate District are Republican. In 2010, Walker won Brown and Oconto Counties with 56% of the vote and Oconto County with 59% of the vote.

If any of them get to the ballot, and there’s a real good chance all three will, those Democrats will be in real trouble. Not only are they out of step with their districts, but a recall election means that any politicians wanting to take a shot at the incumbent can do so without risking their current jobs.

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