Monday, November 20th, 2017

Wigderson and his critics again


I’m behind in posting links to my work for the MacIver Institute. A couple of weeks ago I took a look at the situation regarding the teachers union in Milwaukee and their refusal to renegotiate with Milwaukee Public Schools. I explained carefully that while some on the left believe that there was no way of knowing that radical changes were coming when MPS signed a long-term agreement the union, MPS did not ratify the agreement until December, well after Governor Scott Walker won the election and began to challenge the power of the government unions in this state.

Jay “folkbum” Bullock attacked from the center square, challenging my facts and actually accusing me of lying.

So that’s, what? nine solid bullet points of wigged out facts? I almost ran out of fingers. But I have one left for the liars and GOP willing to screw the next generation’s education and this generation’s public servants. Again, it’s a family blog, so I won’t say which one. Especially because, with my head asploded and all, it’s pretty hard to talk to these liars at all.

Not exactly the most mature response and I answer in kind, only with such thoughtful details as pointing to where Bullock himself criticized his union for failing to compromise with MPS.

This prompted a classy response from Zach Wisniewski:

Yawn. Another partisan attack from another partisan hack.

Haven’t you had that coronary yet, Wiggy?

I think I’d “have a coronary” if Wisniewski, et al, had something substantive to add.

I am hoping for more thoughtful responses to this article concerning the proposed electric streetcar system for Milwaukee.

I have just one word for the streetcar supporters.


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