Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

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Is WISN’s Mark Belling right? Should the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel just hire me?

{Waukesha County Executive Dan} Vrakas also lambasted Scrima for a Jan. 11 email to Jack made public recently by Waukesha blogger James Wigderson. It says in part, under a subject line called “solidarity”: “You also have my full support on your recommendation on dispatch.” The next day, Jack submitted a lengthy public records request to the county communications center manager as the city delved into its study of dispatch services.

Vrakas said the email shows that Scrima and Jack had made up their minds before the study was done, evidence that an unbiased study is needed.

Scrima disputed Vrakas’ claim that he was opposed to consolidation before study results were known.

“That’s simply not true,” he said. His email to Jack was only an indication that he would support his chief’s recommendation – whatever it turned out to be, he said.

“Waukesha families deserve the highest quality in dispatch service. The county does not exclusively represent the best interests of the city. Our police chief and city elected officials do,” he said. “I believe our Police Department knows best how to protect Waukesha families.”

I don’t know if they’re ready for an award-winning trouble-maker, blogger and columnist. I wonder if Scrima made the fist in the air before he typed, “Solidarity.”

Meanwhile, Betty Harryman of Taylorville, Il is looking forward to seeing Governor Scott Walker visit her state, and says in Springfield’s State Journal-Register I’m the reason:

Well, what Walker and the legislature have enacted has saved their schools — and state government — from massive layoffs and has controlled spending without raising taxes! When Walker took office, he faced a $3.6 billion structural deficit. That has been eliminated, and the budget was balanced this year!

According to James Wigderson for the McIver Institute, Walker’s A-10 reforms allowed the school tax levy to go down this year. By limiting collective bargaining for public employees to wages, school districts across the state were able to make changes to teacher benefits without laying off teachers or cutting services!

Wisconsin is on the right track to long-term fiscal health, while Illinois, Wigderson says, is on a Greek Island cruise to destruction! Gov. Pat Quinn plans to continue last year’s “temporary” 67 percent income tax increase. The state has $7 billion in unpaid bills, driving some of the state’s vendors out of business.

Thanks Betty, and sorry about the Cubs.

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