Friday, November 24th, 2017

Will he always have Paris?


Rick Esenberg asks a good question: What was Leinart’s Wonderlic score? After all, last year he would’ve been the number one pick. This year he dropped to number 10. Leinert tells Fox Sports,

“I have no regrets,” Leinart said. “I could have possibly been the No. 1 pick, which was speculation. I was injured (with left elbow surgery).

“Obviously, I would have expected to go higher this year just for obvious reasons, but it doesn’t affect me,” Leinart said. “I’m just excited to be on a football team.

So, this year he expected to higher than #1? If Leinert goes to the all-you-can-eat buffet and announce, “I’m really hungry. I better buy two.”

If you wanted an explanation for why he didn’t go pro last year, stupidity will do.

He’s dating Paris Hilton now. I hope he’s smart enough for her. I also hope he has all of his shots.

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