Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Wisconsin competitive for Romney – Ryan


Public Policy Polling is showing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan are ahead of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in Wisconsin. Romney-Ryan now leads 48-47 in their latest poll results.

The biggest change Ryan’s selection seems to have brought about is the unification of the GOP. Romney’s gone from a 78 point lead with Republicans on our last poll (87-9) to now an 88 point lead with them (93-5). There’s also been a tightening with independents. Obama still has a 4 point lead with them at 47-43, but that’s down from a 14 point advantage at 53-39 six weeks ago. Democrats are unchanged from the previous poll.

PPP also explains the ground has shifted since 2008, and Republicans are in better shape in Wisconsin.

A big reason Wisconsin remains so competitive for the GOP is that the electorate looks like it will be considerably more Republican leaning than it was in 2008, reflecting the continued high energy level of the party’s voters after its victory in June’s recall election. We find an electorate that’s 34% Republican and 32% Democratic. Exit polls in 2008 showed Democrats with a 6 point turnout advantage, 39% to 33%. Although the enthusiasm gap that plagued Democrats nationally in 2008 has dissipated some places, it appears to still be a real issue for them in Wisconsin.

Choosing Ryan as his running mate isn’t giving Romney any trouble with seniors in Wisconsin. That’s actually where his greatest strength is, leading Obama 52-43 with them. Which isn’t to say the Ryan Plan is popular in Wisconsin- only 40% of voters support it to 46% who are opposed. But the concern with it is coming much more from young voters than seniors.

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