Sunday, January 20th, 2019

You’ll have to pardon the governor but your case makes him cringe


Owen Robinson found another article about how Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker hasn’t issued any pardons during his term in office. After reading the article, some sympathy for the governor is in order.

Jason Johnson filed his pardon application in 2010 and has been waiting ever since. The 38-year-old Boscobel man was sentenced to five years in prison in 1997 for shooting a man his then-girlfriend brought to his house in a fit of jealousy. Now he works as a truck driver and his conviction prevents him from hauling loads into Canada, costing him money, he said. He’d also like to get his firearm rights back so he can teach his children how to hunt with a gun.

So this man shot another man in a domestic violence dispute and wants his right to own a gun back. Can you imagine the screaming from the left at election time if this person received a pardon? “Scott Walker put a gun in the hands of a man accused of shooting someone in a domestic violence case. Who is watching out for your safety while Scott Walker is putting guns back in the hands of criminals?”

Then there is the case of a man who could have killed an eleven-year-old child.

Dennis Macemon, 54, of Racine applied for a pardon in 2011. He was sentenced to two years of probation in 1997 for choking his 11-year-old nephew until he was unconscious and knocking the boy down, causing a gash on his head. In 1999 he got five days in jail for making threatening remarks about a prosecutor.

I want to know how Macemon only got probation. Again, picture the outcry if this person got a pardon.

The article complains that applicants are left in limbo by Walker’s refusal to pardon anyone. We can debate the merits of Walker’s policy, but nobody is left in limbo. He’s made it clear the answer is no. If these cases are representative of the pending applications, it’s not hard to understand why.

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