3 Reasons to Retain the Counsel of a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is hard. There is no way around the fact that divorce is painful and can be one of the most challenging things anyone goes through in their adult life. Even in the best of situations, divorce is a real loss of a shared dream. For this reason, some people hesitate to contact a divorce attorney until it’s too late. If you and your spouse are separated, and you aren’t sure what to do about child custody, child support, shared bills, the house, your mortgage, and more, now is the right time to contact a divorce lawyer. For three reasons you should contact a divorce attorney now and how they can help you, read on.

1. Plaintiffs have the advantage.


Divorce is hard on any individual. Hiring an attorney to help you through your divorce case could be critical to how your divorce process goes. A divorce attorney, for example, will explain that it’s to your advantage to be the plaintiff in your case because it will give you the ability to lead versus follow, which is the best way to go for a favorable outcome. Maybe you live in Orange County, California, and are facing an uncontested divorce. Even if you believe things will go amicably with your spouse, it will be in your best interest to do a Google search for ‘Irvine divorce attorney‘ to get some legal advice during this difficult time.

Some people hesitate to file first with concerns that they’ll come off in a poor light. The reality is that divorce is a two-way street, and it’s important to go into it with a team and every advantage possible. Perhaps you work as a leader in a large organization, and your primary role is to come up with ideas to promote team building in your organization. Someone like you already understands the importance of an effective team when it comes to accomplishing a goal. The reality is that a good relationship with a family law attorney is no different from a team meeting that goes well. That is, by working with your attorney to come up with creative solutions during the mediation process or if things begin to go bad with your spouse, you’ll have not only the support to make difficult decisions but the legal advice from someone with years of experience behind you.

2. You could be protecting your children.


If you have children, it’s particularly important that you hire a family law attorney to handle your divorce immediately. This lawyer will be able to help you through custody arrangements, child support, and legal and physical guardianship verdicts. Especially in a situation where there’s been violence or substance abuse or there is a protective order at play, it’s important you have the legal representation you’ll need to make important decisions. A strong team with experience could make a difference in you and your children’s safety as tensions escalate. Keep in mind: You are not alone in your struggle with divorce, and having an attorney to guide you will make a big difference.

3. An attorney will work to protect your financial health.


One of the perks of marriage is that a household is able to share the assets and incomes of two people. Whether you’ve lived in a two-person income arrangement all this time or if only one of you was working, it’s important to have an attorney by your side for the best outcome when it comes to finances. An experienced attorney with trial experience can look at your individual case and help you negotiate a fair financial solution for all parties but with your best interest in mind.

Few people get married believing the marriage will end in a divorce. Sadly, more than half of marriages end up in divorce court. While this is a reality many people don’t want to face, you will put yourself in a better position for the long term if you contact a divorce attorney today. From spousal support to child custody, a divorce attorney’s legal advice and help will be two of the most valuable tools you have as you navigate these challenging times. In many cases, your decision to contact a divorce lawyer to work for you will be the best thing you can do for your future.