3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Content Strategy

If you’ve been in marketing for even a few months, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king.” Now, thanks to COVID-19 and quarantining measures enacted across the world, that phrase is Truer and more relevant than ever before. LIfe has shifted from being lived in public spaces to being performed in online spaces, and with that comes the need for businesses in all kinds of industries to revisit their content strategy.

Thanks to the internet, content can take a wide range of shapes and forms. There are so many different types of content available to create that you might be wondering which is the most important to prioritize. It’s a complicated questions, and the short answer is that they’re all important. The long answer is that a content strategy can help you map out which areas to focus on at different times in your business’ growth. Having a solid content strategy is important for a wide variety of reasons, but here are the three biggest reasons to create and define a content strategy.

1. Improve your digital marketing efforts.

Without good, interesting content, it’s going to be hard to engage with your customers when you market products online. Content marketing is more than just boosting a post on Facebook containing an image of your product. A robust content marketing strategy leverages a wide variety of mediums and formats, from short video testimonials from actual customers to full-fledged feature demos and animated teasers.

Of course, video content is usually the strongest-performing type of content to use in your digital marketing campaigns, since it can be utilized in on-page advertisements, social media, and even on platforms like YouTube and Hulu. If you need help creating some of this kind of content, a company like Omnislashviual can be a major boon for your marketing department. Specializing in content creation, Omnislashvisual can help you create dynamic and evocative content that puts your company’s best foot forward through animation, video, and 3D motion. This can help your ads stand out against the competition.

2. Boost your organic SEO.

While video content is a crucial component of any content strategy, coming up with written content is just as important. Written content, such as blog posts and even link building campaigns that place links to your website on other notable online publications, has a major role to play in your organic search engine traffic. As such, having regular blog posts on your website can be a vital component of boosting your SEO, or search engine optimization. Especially if you’re looking to climb the ranking pages of search engines such as Google or Bing, it’s vital that you include original content in the form of written articles and blogs in your content strategy.

3. Deliver your products or services to customers.

If you’re used to presenting live entertainment like theatre, opera, or music, or if you’re a business that helps life coaches, public speakers, or works in education, a content strategy can also help you manage your deliverables. For example, the consumption of digital entertainment and educational materials is on the rise because of the coronavirus pandemic. As such, looking into businesses capable of handling high-quality video streaming services could be a major win for your business model.

A major benefit of working with a company specializing in live video streaming services is that consumers already have an expectation for what they’ll experience when streaming content online. With subscriptions to services like HBO Max, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Apple TV plus on the rise, so is consumer comfort with streaming hours of content. When you collaborate with a major company with experience in the live video streaming space, you’ll be able to meet the needs and expectations of your customers while executing your content strategy.