4 Unique Jobs for Detail-Oriented People

Do you find yourself double-, triple-, or quadruple-checking your spelling in an email to your boss? Do you have an exact spot for all of the gardening tools in your shed? Or maybe your entire closet is color-coordinated from darkest to brightest. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Many extra-aware people grow tired of the common workforce field and find themselves looking for a job that feels more fulfilling and specific to their talents.

Detail-oriented people are meticulous, careful, and thorough. Are you really that detail-oriented? Find out here and then report back. If you took the test and scored high, or you’re just curious about jobs that allow the detail-oriented person in your life to thrive, stay tuned. Today, we’re breaking down four unique jobs for the people who have an extra special focus on the little things.

1. Video Production Services


If you find yourself interested in motion graphics and visual effects, then this may be the perfect role for you. Video production services range all the way from preproduction and filming on set to postproduction. No matter where your interests in video production lie, you will find that your keen eye is ideal in this industry. Clients range from agency producers, corporate producers, businesses owners, political consultants, and other video producers, meaning there is a bevy of opportunities. From creating storyboards to sound design to shooting for social media, attention to detail is critical to creating the best project.

2. Medical Coding Specialist


A medical coding specialist is an integral piece of the medical records billing department of a health care organization, such as a hospital or clinic. A medical coding specialist classifies diagnoses and procedures to facilitate billing and reimbursement from Medicare or other health insurance companies. This specific position does require an associate degree and certification in order to legally work. Insurance companies rely on this position in order to correctly bill and reimburse patients for medical services, thus this is a position that will always be in demand and is highly unlikely to experience mass layoffs in poor economic times. If job security is important to you, this role is right up your alley.

3. Proofreader and Copy Marker


You know all those books that line the shelves of libraries and bookstores? They have to be proofread by someone who is not just good at catching mistakes but unparalleled at catching them. Books aren’t filled with typos, and that is all thanks to proofreaders. Those who excelled in their college literature classes are sure to love this occupation, and many find it even fun to track down errors in writing. Accuracy and quick reading proficiency are pertinent here, and this position can bring you to working at a publishing house or magazine.

4. Curator


Do you find yourself walking into a room and immediately wanting to change or move something around? Curators administer collections, such as artwork, collectibles, historic items, or scientific specimens in museums or other institutions. This career is ideal for the type of person who loves to start and finish projects and can visualize the final product before they even begin. Imagine a life where you get paid to discover timeless pieces that will enhance different spaces and tell a story to onlookers. Some curators would say the biggest benefit of the job is the opportunity to work with rare and fascinating collections dating back to antiquity.

Curious to see all of the jobs that rank highest for the attention-to-detail work style? Check out this site. Good luck finding the perfect job for you!