Laws include criminal and civil laws. People who break criminal laws may be charged with a crime and tried. If convicted, they could be sentenced to prison or ordered to pay a fine. Felonies are serious offenses, such as assault, arson, and animal cruelty. Misdemeanors aren’t as serious as felonies and include petty theft and traffic violations.

Civil laws involve family relationships, contracts, injuries, and property. There are also laws governing business operations. Whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident or want to get a divorce, when you need an attorney, you want a lawyer who’ll go to bat for you. Let’s look at different lawyers who fight hard for their clients’ rights.

Litigation Attorneys


Businesses enter multiple contracts, including vendor contracts and distribution contracts. Businesses may also have agreements with clients, including payment obligations. When vendors, distributors, and clients break their contracts, it can disrupt business operations. Businesses may be left without the resources they need to operate or lack the funds needed to pay their bills.

Business owners can hire a litigation lawyer to file a lawsuit or take other appropriate legal action against anyone violating their contracts. Litigation and dispute resolution lawyers may resolve disputes by engaging in mediation or arbitration. Their objective involves resolving the legal dispute as quickly as possible. Litigation attorneys handle commercial disputes, lease disputes, shareholder disputes, tax disputes, and debt recovery. Litigation attorneys are experienced trial lawyers, and they can prepare and present your case in court if you’re unable to resolve the dispute during mediation.

Labour Law Attorneys


Employers must comply with labour laws. A labour attorney may represent individuals who believe they’ve been mistreated or experienced workplace discrimination. Suppose you’ve been fired from your job without cause. You may hire a labour law attorney to file a lawsuit against your employer. Labour lawyers may also work for companies and counsel them about business practices and labour laws or represent businesses sued by employees.

Hire an experienced lawyer such as Malliha Wilson if you need a labor law attorney. Wilson has several decades of legal experience and handles labour law and human rights cases, making her an ideal lawyer to represent individuals who’ve experienced workplace discrimination. Wilson’s a senior partner with Nava Wilson LLP, but she also has 30 years of experience as a government lawyer. Wilson served as the Ontario Government’s senior appellate litigation counsel and has presented several cases before the Supreme Court of Canada. Her labour law clients benefit from her experience working for the government because she’s familiar with provincial laws and how they impact employees, employers, citizens, and immigrants.

Family Law Attorneys


Family law attorneys are often called divorce lawyers. In 2019, 750,000 couples in the United States got divorced. Many individuals hire a lawyer to handle their divorce to ensure they get the best divorce settlement possible, particularly if they’re fighting for child custody and share multiple assets with their current spouse.

Suppose you want to get divorced. Your lawyer will prepare legal paperwork on your behalf and file that paperwork with the court. They’ll explain your legal options and guide you through court-ordered mediation to attempt to reach an out-of-court agreement. If you can’t resolve your divorce in mediation, your lawyer will prepare legal arguments and present evidence in court.

Family law attorneys also handle adoptions. You may also hire a family lawyer to prepare your will.

Personal Injury Lawyers


Personal injury lawyers represent individuals affected by injuries or illnesses caused by a negligent party. These legal experts interview witnesses, gather medical documents, and attempt to negotiate settlements with insurance companies, employers, and facilities responsible for your health issues. Your personal injury lawyer will fight for you to receive fair compensation for your medical bills, loss of income, and other related costs.

Lawyers are legal experts who represent clients. Lawyers handling litigation, labour law disputes, family law matters, and personal injuries fight to protect their clients’ legal rights.