5 Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home, Inside and Out

Your home needs to be the most secure place on this earth so you can protect yourself from the thieves and vandals who only look to damage other people’s livelihood. Unfortunately, these people feel no remorse when committing their heinous acts on other people’s properties or even bodies. Because of this, you need to find better ways to equip your home so it can shelter you from these malignant outside forces.

Here are five ways in which you can thoroughly theft-proof your home both inside out.

1. Look for vulnerabilities.


The first thing you can do to secure your home is looking for vulnerabilities in your home. These vulnerabilities can be damaged door hinges, broken windows, weak walls, and faulty garage doors. If other people find these things, they can easily break into your home. However, you can easily spot these imperfections in your house if it’s cleaned and maintained properly. For this, you can hire a company like Labor Panes Exterior Cleaning so they can leave your home spiffy and ready for your inspection.

Labor Panes provides unrivaled home exterior cleaning services, such as window cleaning, pressure washing any driveway and walkway, gutter cleaning, and gutter guards installation. They offer a free quote of your preferred services for your home and set a date for the job. Their technicians have over 100 hours of training and guarantee your home will have zero spots and drips as well as streak-free cleaning.

2. Bug your own home.


Another thing you can do to protect your home is to sneakily safeguard your home with audio recording devices like the ones spies use to listen in on their enemies. These tiny recording devices can be hidden anywhere in your home and record hundreds of hours of audio, which you can access from your mobile device or tablet. They can also have batteries that last months and be activated with voice recognition technology. Homeowners can take advantage of these spy gears to protect their houses from vandals by hearing them with these recorders.

3. Install security cameras.


Another easy way to theft-proof your home is by installing security cameras all over your house. Security cameras can help homeowners detect any suspicious activity outside their homes before any misfortune happens. Modern security cameras can include night vision so you can be aware of creepy people that lurk around at night. They can also have motion sensors that detect movement in the area. Additionally, you can view a live feed to most of these cameras if they are cloud-based and connected to the Internet.

4. Use motion-activated lights outside.


Additionally, you can install motion-activated lights in your backyard as well as any other side of your house you think would be necessary. Usually, thieves like to sneak into homes through the darkest areas, so you should consider installing these in the spots where standard lighting doesn’t reach. Likewise, you can simply install them all around your home so they can get triggered by any movement.

5. Upgrade to smart deadbolts.


Lastly, upgrading your deadbolts to smart ones can help you stay more secure. Some deadbolts include fingerprint technology and a number pad to enter your passcode to enter your home. Having a secured deadbolt only you and your family can access can help avoid many problems with thieves and vandals. A solid deadbolt can eliminate the risk of someone breaking into your home through your front or back doors by picking your locks.

These five remedies can help you prepare and theft-proof your home for many years of peace and tranquility.