Without an extensive background in law, it can be challenging to tell whether or not you need a lawyer. There are many different fields in the law industry. Each one is governed by an intricate web of federal laws, state laws, and local guidelines.

Generally, if you have been served with legal papers or have already been involved with a lawsuit, it is best to retain legal services to ensure your rights are protected. Suppose you are not currently engaged in a lawsuit but believe your rights may have been violated. In that case, there are a few common areas of law that it may be beneficial to familiarize yourself with.

Have you been injured as a result of another party’s negligence?


If you have sustained injuries through no fault of your own, you may have a personal injury case. Personal injury law can be broken down into many different cohorts, like automobile accidents or dog bites. However, an accident claim lawyer who is well-versed in their area of expertise like Peter Seymour of Seymour Furlong may specialize in a few areas of expertise.

Personal injury lawyers work to obtain fair compensation for injury victims with personal injury claims. Often, they offer free consultations. If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, consider seeking legal advice with a no-obligation, free consultation. Common examples of the incidents personal injury claims arise from include slip and fall injuries, motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, and animal bites.

Do you have a serious workplace issue?


Another significant area of law to be aware of is labor and employment law. Companies, especially enterprise-level businesses, have strict regulations in place regarding occupational safety, health standards, and employee rights. Federal laws concerned with the Medical Leave Act and Fair Labor Standards Act must be considered throughout every business process. An attorney who works in labor and employment law helps businesses and employees interpret and understand the governing regulations that provide people with safe and pleasant places to work.

There are employment law firms that specialize in assisting management and some that focus on individual employees, so it is best to make sure the attorney you choose meets your particular needs. Some companies retain law firms to provide legal advice and guidance regarding human resources, wages, and time off. As always, it can be beneficial to retain a labor and employment lawyer with years of experience, like those of Bond, Schoeneck, and King Law Firm.

Are your living conditions unsafe for your physical or mental health?


Your home should be a stable place where you can feel safe and comfortable resting your head at night. Unfortunately, disagreements between tenants and property owners are fairly common. If allowed to escalate, these types of disagreements can result in retaliation or unlawful eviction. Thankfully, there is a field of law dedicated to protecting tenant’s rights. If you rent your home and feel that your rights have been violated or your living situation has become unbearable, it may be time to look for a lawyer specializing in tenant rights.

Navigating litigation without the help of an experienced attorney can be an uphill battle. An attorney with years of experience has the knowledge and resources to help you through a difficult time. If your specific legal issue was not mentioned here, don’t worry. The fields mentioned above are not an exhaustive list. Whether you have just been involved in a lawsuit or plan on filing a lawsuit yourself, having a professional at your side is crucial. With many legal matters, time is of the essence. An attorney can coordinate a case calendar and keep your legal issue moving forward in your favor.